Teaser of “Little Tango had a secret”

<p>Do you want to know a secret?</p>
<p>I have never worked at a company such as Tango/04. I mean, such as the company I envisioned to create, back in 1991.</p>
<p>Children rapidly find a public figure to take as example when they start playing a sport. But it is much more difficult when there is no model to imitate. Even in life, in general, it is difficult to find far-reaching ethical models. But at least it is easy to find antimodels.</p>
<p>My antimodel were the monopolistic corporations of that time, such as Telefonica and Iberia, the Spanish phone and airline companies, whose customer service, back then, seemed to be led by highly sadistic people.</p>
<p>I wanted to work for a company that was just the opposite. And, luckily, we eventually found our way.</p>
<p>Well, soon I will reveal here the secret that made us compete and thrive in the tough IT market for more than 25 years. The ultimate key factor of our success, that is.</p>
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Lunes, Octubre 10, 2016
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