CMDB is dead

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<p><span style="font-weight:300;color:#333333;font-style:inherit;line-height:1.625;">We are being asked less and less about how to integrate a monitoring system with a CMDB. </span></p>
<p><span style="font-weight:300;color:#333333;font-style:inherit;line-height:1.625;">Main reason: in the past, people thought that building a full-fledged, galaxy-comprehending CMDB was kind of easy and even mandatory (blame ITIL). But nowadays, people are aware of the horror stories and more wary about using a CMDB beyond Asset Management (yes, CMDBs are great for that!). </span></p>
<p>Only exception: people who arrived late to the party, and still think that a CMDB as defined by ITIL is beneficial or even doable. (If you are among them, please read <a title="The IT Skeptic Looks at CMDB" href="">this</a>, <a href="">thi..., <a title="CMDBs Considered Quite Painful for at least 95% of You" href=", and <a href="">this</a>).</p>
<p>By the way, the most popular post last year has been <a title="Gartner on CMDBs: Caterpillars or Butterflies?" href="“CMDBs: butterflies or caterpillars?”</a>. For a reason. And I am happy about it.</p>
<p>So what’s all the rage right now? Well, people went too fast from loving an all-encompassing Service Management solution (as proposed, and with sound reason, by ITILv3) to adore a tactical, scope-limited and still inside-out patch called APM. Again, APM tools, as CMDBs, are a good thing, if used properly. But they are not being used properly. I gave my two cents on it <a title="The problem with APM" href="">here</a>...
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Viernes, Abril 5, 2013
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