How did you do in 2012?

<p>Were you able to achieve more Visibility during 2012?</p>
<p>Did you remove blind spots in IT operations and business processes, did you align infrastructure management, did you get a holistic, consistent, real-time view <a title="The four layers of Visibility" href="">at every level </a>for critical services?</p>
<p>And, thanks to that, did you notably improve overall services, generating more value for your business and adding more meaning to your position?</p>
<p>Whether you did or not, remember: right now it is time for your New Year’s resolutions. A great occasion to decide that 2013 will be the year you are going to create the highest value for your company.</p>
<p>From this friendly blog we’ll try to continue helping you achieve that as much as we can.</p>
<p><strong>Happy Visibility in 2013!</strong></p>
<p>A big, big hug from Barcelona.</p><br />Filed under: <a href=''>CIO</a>, <a href=''>CISO / CSO</a>, <a href=''>Corporate Visibility</a>, <a href=''>IT</a>, <a href=''>IT Visibility</a>, <a href=''>Monitoring</a>, <a href=''>Visibility</a> <a rel="nofollow" href=" alt="" border="0" src=" /></a> <img alt="" border="0" src=";blog=24135054... width="1" height="1" />

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Lunes, Diciembre 31, 2012
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